Petukhina Kristina
• sound artist, independent researcher
• curator of the media project Tonoptik
• teacher of music theory in action Music Shho school
Participant of the Music Resident of SIGNAL Festival
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26–30 August 2020 will play experimental music live in Tallinn Music Week
The installation “Percept” aims to reveal the deep relationship between living nature and modern man. Technological development has allowed us to subdue the world around us. But it is difficult to deny the depth of the reverse impact that nature has on us. Combining technology and wildlife, the artists offer viewers to explore the sense and psycho-emotional perception of natural images in a new artificial environment. “Percept” combines art, technology and natural phenomena, creating an unusual sensory experience.
Sound of Isolation
In a video work made with 1 iPhone photo, 13 instagram masks and my track, I without leaving the house, of course, reflected my coexistence in quarantine with my neighbors.

During this difficult period of isolation, I was left alone with my neighbors in a new building. Every day they drill into all the walls and it seems already into my head. I put all the sounds on the soundtrack to my isolation. My hearing transforms. 

I took my violin, Octatrack, Korg, Kaoss Pad — and we played together like an industrial orchestra. Through this experiment, you heard this noise of repair in a new way. Now, this is the music.
Unravel Festival
Sound sculpture in a smoking area
Orfeo Glitch Opera
DIGITAL OPERA 2.0, The Hermitage Theatre, Saint Petersburg 2019
The first festival that unites the genre of Opera and contemporary digital art.
As a sound artist of the digital Opera "Orfeo Glitch" I conducted an experiment with the chamber space of the classical theater in the form of a deep amphitheater and the audience conducted an immersive surround sound effect through the chorus and contrasting composition of the music.
At the same time as a composer I also implemented an experiment with a mix of the genre of classical Opera of the Baroque era and modern minimal and techno genres (Claudio Monteverdi and Christoph Gluck together with Alva Noto and Samuel Kerridge) in the composition of the Opera for theatrical media productions.
It was an attempt to show the synergy of Opera compositions created several centuries apart, such as an Aria from the game Oblivion, passing into the Hymn of the Cherubim by Tchaikovsky.
According the missions of the competition to introduce the audience to the Opera genre, I wanted to show with my music mix what possible expressive means would be used by composers of ancient eras if they wrote their works nowadays.
My live set played with Ableton Push 1 using sound for media pattern "Thunder" by Mariya Moshchenskaya. The interactive audiovisual installation-laboratory Medi@lab is presented within the framework of the Artification program at Gamma Festival 2018.

The creator of the installation is a media engineer Yury Tolstoguzov (Tonoptik). And I wrote a sound patterns for 4 project of Medi@lab. It's a complex work with sound - the installation uses a quad system and 8 (eight) controllable sensor channels with various changes in the properties of sound and video.

From 1 to 8 people can affect sensors and thus change the video and create their experimental musical composition. I connecting TouchDesigner, which process data from 8 IR sensors, with Ableton for interactive sound exposure.

The control occurs not only by changing the sound itself, but also by changing sound in space.

At finissage of exhibition I present my live set played with Ableton Push 1 using sound for this media projects.
Urban Sound Hygiene
Sound for exhibition, what evoked a mixture of irony and disgust. The connection between the rituals of consumption and purification is transferred to various States of existence: from freedom in nature to satiety with society. In sound, I continued this idea with the theme "sound Hygiene in the space of an urban environment".
• 2002 - 2007 Kuban State University, Faculty of Editing and Publishing
• 1998 - 2002 Music orchestra playing
• 1996 - 2002 Course of journalism, Sochi Radio
• 1994 - 2002 Music school, violin class, Sochi
I'm a musician with an academic education (violin class), participated in a grand orchestra as a second violin and in many music projects. Constantly I get acquainted with the world of musical cultures and expands genre perception. I play as a DJ and experimental musician especially like to mix vinyl records, combine acoustic and synthesized sound, and experiment with genres and sound combinations. Raised on African-American music, in my music performances I collect acoustic and electronic music with ethnic and noise stuffing.

Also, I teach people of all ages playing the piano, violin or other instruments the songs, they always dream to play! Radiohead, Air, Aphex Twin or Vivaldi, and Debussy, for example. To do this, especially for them, I will write notes and tell them how to read it. Or I can clear up some secret of music theory to help them to compose their own music on piano or Ableton. I've established an individual learning curve to understand the structure of music for people interested in this art.

• Digital Opera 2.0, The Hermitage Theatre, Saint Petersburg 2019

• Ljeto u Dnevnom // Alter-Native Land: Festival suvremene ruske umjetnosti petak, Rojcnet, Pula, Croatia 2019

• Estonia 100: Tallinn Summer School IN Saint Petersburg 2018

• Future Unhuman, QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, Saint Petersburg 2018

• Adam Evald band, Saint Petersburg 2016

• Dj, Krasnodar - Saint Petersburg 2010-2019

• Symphonic orchestra, Sochi 2007-2012

• Form of motion, Street Art Research Institute, Sevkabel Port, Saint Petersburg 2020

• 55.845u audio-visual installation, Russian Railway Museum, Museum Night 2019, Saint Petersburg 2019

• Global Friendship, The MARS Center for Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg 2016

• AV Sports and Concert Complex, Saint Petersburg 2018

• Sound Behaviorism, sound site specific installation, Unravel Festival, Saint Petersburg 2019

• Medi@lab, Prostranstvovanie, QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, St. Petersburg 2018

• Stolovka, sound installation, Lampa Studio, Museum of Non-Conformist Art Pushkinskaya 10, Saint Petersburg 2016
• Report Sound Ecology, Conference "Sound in Culture", Faculty of Cultural Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities
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